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How can I use My History Map?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Ideas for My History Map

Personal history can have many expressions. The written word is the most favoured form of expressing your personal history. When you recollect the moments that make your personal history, which includes your family history, experiences and milestones, writing it down on a journal or typing it out is more often than not the first course of action. However, not many may prefer to write and may opt for something even more creative, such as illustrating, sketching, drawing etc.

My History Kit contains a My History Journal and a My History Map. When documenting a moment of your life, the journal is an ideal space to write. The My History Map, which is a blank sheet of paper, helps you to kickstart the creativity by giving you space to recreate your moment in a more imaginative way.

So, how does one use My History Map? We can understand that it can be quite something to stare at a blank sheet of paper. One can spend days or even weeks wondering where and how to start? Or even if you're not the type to get scared by a blank sheet of paper, you might want to put in the best of your imagination while working on the My History Map, for it is a moment of your personal history.

In order to get your creative juices flowing, we thought it best to use our social media handles and our website to help you with your My History Map. We have been urging our users and lovely history makers to share their My History Maps and My History Journals after they have used them with us. They do so by mailing us the pictures or by the hasgtag #MakeYourOwnHistory.

Here are some such My History Maps, shared by our users.

In My History Map example below, the user has documented their visit and travels so far. The map contains the names of the places visited and also why should one travel. The mountains especially inspired the user and therefore have a wonderful presence on the map. The user has mostly used sketch pens to write and draw out this moment of his life. After its completion, the My History Map was pinned up by the user on a wall along with other travel souvenirs

In continuation with travel, yet another user used My History Map to record all their travels so far. While it all started on the My History Map, the user felt that the My History Map did not have enough space. This personal history recording exercise then spilled over to one full wall, that contained images, souvenirs, write ups from the users travels. Isn't it great to have your personal history wall? Your very own wall of fame!!

Many a times My History Map has been used by users while they were travelling. Travel does seem to be a favourite when it comes to recording a moment of personal history in My History Map. The following map shows the experience of a traveler on their first solo journey. The user writes about the experience and also sticks their boarding pass on it!!

In yet another on the go travel the user collected small souvenirs while on their trip, like maps of the city, tissue napkins of their favourite restaurants, museum tickets and stuck it on the My History Map. Here it is:

While travel seems to be a favourite of many users, the My History Map can also be used for other moments of your life such as making a record your wedding, your school life or an ongoing situation in life. You can write on the map, stick things such as pictures and other memorabilia, you can draw out the event. This is your history, make it colourful or keep it simple, simply write your thoughts on it or just draw out the event, turn it into a comic strip if you may like. We want you to enjoy the process and we hope by creating your history map you get to relive moments that have passed and truly enjoy the current happenings of your life.

Good luck!!

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