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Record personal history, connect with self!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Meet My History Kit user - Dr. Shiwali Sharma, Dentist, 45 years.

My definition of personal history

Personal history can be documented at the end of each day, it takes just 5 mins but it is a record for a lifetime.

My History Kit and me

In My History Kit I recorded everyday instances and also a solo travel. I used the journal everyday to record incidences which were different from regular days ,exciting anecdotes, pain, pleasure and excitement. The tangram was a dear friend that helped me whenever I needed a break or was bored. I also connected the tangram shapes on the journal to things that I see around me and that stimulated me to come up with writing ideas. I used the My History map to record a solo travel to Delhi.

My experience with the kit

My History Kit connected me back to my writing skills, which I am afraid we all might lose thanks to the tech era.These 5 mins of writing and recording my history were actually a way to reconnect with onself. The overall experience of using the kit was enriching for my mind and soul. It's on the bedside waiting to be picked up and penned whenever needed.

My advice to fellow users

I would encourage people to use the My History Kit first because in these times of continuos connectivity and social media, we need to be with ourselves trying to figure out who we are at least for a few minutes everyday. My History Kit is a great gifting idea to friends who love to travel and write. I hope we all find ourselves in our own history.

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