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Wondering what's included in your Personal History?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

"What is personal history? Do I have a history too? I thought history only belonged to some queens, prime ministers and world leaders? Even battles and other events such as economic highs and lows made history. How can events of my own life be counted as history?"

Are those your thoughts when you look at 'My History Kit'? Or when we bring the concept of personal history to you? Don't you worry. There have been very few instances when people have 'not' asked us about the meaning of personal history? There exists no clear definition of personal history, academic or otherwise. In fact the more you dig into the concept of personal history, many ambiguities about its clear meaning might arise.

However, it is not for us today to confuse you further. When History Hive was still in its ideation stage, all we thought of was how can we get millions and millions of people out there - who are not all historians or history students and teachers, who are all not interested in history or may be are interested but don't know hot to take this interest further - how do we get such people to connect with history. After many a brainstorming and ideation sessions, that went to the pit, the final outcome was to develop products that seek inspiration from history and also let its users engage with history - make it a more hands on experience. Even with the products we thought we had to take one step at a time. Let's not scare our buyers and lets not overload them with history. They might just run away!! Therefore, something like personal history became a natural choice to start of with. Let's introduce our buyers first to the concept of personal history, make them aware that they also have a history of their own and then move on to exploring the history of the world!

Personal history became the inspiration behind our first product - My History Kit. The product urges more and more people to delve into the stories of their lives, bring them out, write it down or even draw them out if they like. And why should they do this? Because its important to take note of you life journey, of your highs and lows, of your milestones and keep track of how far you have come? Also, lets just say that its fun to document your life story.

Getting back to the question that started the blog. What's included in your personal history? Here are a few examples that can count as events from your personal history. In case you have bought My History Kit and still wondering what moment of life you can record, then may we ask you to pick one of the following. Or if not any of these then it might get your mind rolling and give you an understanding of what personal history includes.

Here we go:

- The story of your life so far

- Failures & rejections you have experienced


-School/ College life

-First job/first pay cheque

-Secret family recipes

-The story of your family/family tree

-Cooking experiments

-People who inspire you

-Solo travels

-Travels so far

-An ongoing travel

-Living alone

-Teenage years

-Cities you have grown up/lived in

-A milestone birthday/anniversary

-Getting married/parenting

-The journey of your start up

-Volunteer work experience

-Books that have inspired you

We hope you got a hang of what personal history events can include. Now, whether you choose from the ones given here or come up with an event of your own, our only hope and wish is that you get on to recording your personal history moment and have fun with 'My History Kit'.

And if we haven't said it enough already, your personal history is your best life coach!

Buy My History Kit here -

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