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History Hive Products

History Hive's products cater to your cognitive needs. They are mindstyle products developed by collaborative efforts of designers & historians. They encourage users to develop an alternative style of thinking & also develop analytical skills. Despite the seriousness of the products, they are beautifully designed, thus enhancing your personal lifestyle. Not to forget they are also fun to use!

#One Product at a Time

History Hive wishes to develop a very limited, but innovative, product range. The products are built on the philosophy that you own less and spend more time thinking & wondering. That's why History Hive goes one product at a time. The products are designed & made in India.   

My History Kit

'My History Kit' is History Hive's maiden product. Developed after years of research, 'My History Kit' puts the personal history of people in the forefront. By using the contents of the kit, users can record their personal history. Personal history is one's own family stories, experiences & milestones. Recording these regularly is an enriching experience and can improve the way you look at your own life. 

A Lil' History

'A Lil' History' is a collection of 6 postcards that have been inspired by some of India's majestic monuments. The product encourages you to rediscover the joys of writing (not typing) postcards & letters to your loved ones. After all writing does evoke a unique emotion. The joy of waiting for a letter to arrive has its own charm. 


Travel with History

The Travel with History Journal encourages its users to engage with history when they travel. By following the prompts inside the journal, the users can make history a part of their travel. The journal comes with an eco friendly pen with seeds, that can be planted once its use is complete. 

Monument Memory Game

The Monument Memory Game seeks inspiration from India's diverse historical and architectural heritage. The game can be played by an age group of 8-98 yrs. It is a product that can be utilised for educational purposes, innovative learning as well as leisure and fun time with family and friends. The game comes in an "out of the box" packaging and is a small attempt towards being a zero wastage product. 

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