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Sharing 'My History Kit'

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Can 'My History Kit' be used by more than one person at a time. The answer is YES!

History, sometimes, is not only made by one single individual but through the shared efforts and experiences of many. Ever since its launch, My History Kit has urged individuals to record their personal history – their experiences, milestones and family stories. We always envisioned the kit to be used by one person at a time. However, some of our consumers/buyers have introduced us to another side of the kit – of not only using the kit all by themselves but also sharing this experience with their friends, co- travellers, family members. Here's an example where My History Kit was used by two individuals.

Meet Gaurav Juyal, explorer, educator and designer who used My History Kit with a friend during a recent trip to the Himalayas. Gaurav, along with his friend, Theo, trekked to some parts of the Himalayas this summer. They took along with them My History Kit. "I was so happy I packed My History Kit during my trek. I wasn't sure how I would use it. But spontaneously it occurred to me that I need to create a map of my journey", says Gaurav.

"I also thought of a joint venture for My History Kit", says Juyal. Since the kit contains a My History Journal and a My History Map (the map is a blank sheet of paper, giving space to those who wish to creatively create their moment) Juyal decided to draw out the map of his trek on My History Map and Theo chronicled the trek in My History Journal through his writings. Together two travellers recorded an experience worth remembering in My History Kit.

We hope that our buyers also introduce us to different ways in which My History Kit can be used. We encourage them to share their experiences of the kit. In this journey, where History Hive aims to create awareness about history, we hope that the feedback of our customers/buyers shapes us and helps us in creating even more meaningful products.

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