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Experiences: Personal History

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Personal history, well, has no bounds. It's every event in your life - that has happened, or is happening or is about to happen. However, sometimes it may get daunting to pin down on what at is your personal history. To make it simple and easy to understand, I have tried to narrow down personal history moments to three relevant aspects - family stories, experiences and milestones.

Family stories are always and continue to be a relevant part of your personal history. However, personal history can also move beyond family and can also include the many experiences one has in life.

Our life is peppered with many experiences - good and bad. These experiences add to our life's social trajectory and help shape our personalities. Whether it is experiencing rejection in love or success at work, whether its that first solo travel or a difficult phase in our life, it's these experiences that help contribute to the way we think and act. Therefore, it is no reason to believe that these experiences shouldn't be counted as events of our personal history. These experiences are collector's item that should be recorded. For it is only when we record our experiences, that we will make our personal history more enriching and a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

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