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Personal History: Family Stories

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

#Personalhistory is what is the focus of My History Kit. However, time and again users find themselves amidst a series of questions ranging from what is personal history and what can be counted as personal history. Personal history like history itself is a vast subject - it is after all a storehouse of your life memories. But to make things easier for one to understand - we at #HistoryHive explain personal history as being an individual's family stories, experiences and milestones. Life is, essentially, a composition of these elements.

The focus of the current series of blogs in the coming weeks will be 'family stories'. For many, the very mention of personal history first takes them to their families. "Is it like a history of my family?" or "is it about where my people come from?" or "is it like a family tree of sorts?". It is very well all of that.

Sometimes, it can also be very specific family stories - such as the relationship you share with your grandparents, your parents, your siblings. That special uncle or cousin who has played a very influential role in your life. Or even that family friend that helped you out when you were in fact in the pits.

Each family is special and each family has its own story and history. More often than not these stories only end up becoming a series of pictures on our phones, or things to talk about during family get togethers. They may also make an appearance in your wanderings here and there.

Regardless of what form these stories take - photographs, memorabilia , thoughts - they play a crucial role in shaping our identities, our ways and making us what we are today. Thereby, it becomes imperative to record them periodically - only so that these stories don't get lost forever and are indeed passed on beautifully to the next generation, for them to learn, unlearn and shape a future that rests itself firmly on a well recorded familial past.

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