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Beeing around history


Personal history is what we are spreading the word about through our very own 'My History Kit'. But what's our history?


History Hive is a brand in the making. The idea to help people find their connect with history was thought of sometime ago.It has since then taken many years to figure out the mandatory hows? whats? and whys?. 


We live in a country with a strong history and it's sometimes disheartening to see how little people are connected with it. How do we get some people, who are not academics, history students, teachers or historians get interested in history and make it engaging too.


That's when History Hive came about. Developing innovative products that let people experience and engage with history became the founding idea of our brand. The brand was launched with My History Kit a product that first brings people to their personal history, before they start exploring the history of the world.

Research is at the core of this venture. Research is not only reflected in creating quality based products but also by undertaking projects that require a historical, socio-cultural and contextual study and are aimed at creating a positive impact on people and communities.