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Just sayin'

When you order directly through this site, I ship your order. Which means  it's packed really well with good thoughts and sometimes little surprises coming your way. Many retailers don't do that you know!


Beeing around history

Retail Locations

My History Kit makes for a great product to have at your store. It gets your lovely customers curious, makes them pick up the kit, turn it over & over again to see what the product is all about and then finally buy it so that they can begin to write their own history.  

Since are are just a few months old, we have started to retail My History Kit at select stores. We prefer book cafes, stationary stores, heritage shops and interesting shops for My History Kit. 

We are retailing here:

Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe

Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Warsaa, the heritage shop

Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Book Establishment

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Contact Us if you would like to retail My History Kit at your lovely store.