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305 Circuits Elektor Download raijarv




Retail price. $25.00 USD Received: January 29, 1994 Recipient: Hodder Headline UK Sender: Natalie King Postal address. Hodder Headline, 24 Cheetham Place, Manchester M2 2BY, UK Message. Tell the guys from Elektor that the paperbacks of their magazine "Circuits" are being sold by the publisher in the UK and elsewhere. They are not. Interpreting the cover. The two figures are playing riddles and it is unclear whether the riddles are being solved or not. On the right, a field with mountains and on the left, a field with stars. 1. Would you say the two fields are identical? 2. Does the play on the right imply that a riddle has been solved? 3. There is no question mark. What could it mean? 4. The problem is in the book? Or on the cover? 5. What do these riddles refer to? 6. What figure are you? 7. What are you? 8. Why is your fate so sad? My thanks to Nancy Bucceri for sending this message, to Sue Kirchherr for writing the book, and to Judith Guttman for having collected the answers for this collection. Comments. This question is quite hard, as obviously you are a figure from "Figure and Fifty" by the translator of "Circuits". You are a one-armed man with a single handkerchief in your hand. On the right, the man is a "luminary" and on the left, he is a "poet". 1. They are not identical, it seems. 2. Well, the riddle on the right could mean that the man on the left solved the riddle on the right. It is somewhat difficult to be sure. 3. There is a question mark. 4. The riddle is in the book. 5. The problem is in the book. 6. Well, the man on the left is a mortal and the one on the right is a "celestial" or "astral". 7. It is rather difficult to say. 8. The man on the left is a man of fate. Puzzle #23 Title: Pinocchio and the Three L




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305 Circuits Elektor Download raijarv

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