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Own less. Wonder more.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When the Industrial Revolution began in England, a new trend made an entrance in the lives of us humans. One that was called - CONSUMERISM. Suddenly, one could produce furniture, clothes, home appliances etc. etc. etc. in huge numbers. It was a revolution that also changed the lives of many, both economically and socially. Those living in villages moved to the cities and earned a good living. If anything, consumerism, that saw the light of day in 19th century England, has now become an essential aspect of our daily human life. We live our lives in 'more'. Be it tangible products that we wish to buy or the intangible experiences that we want to live (travel). Everything happens in plenty, even if that means risking the life of our planet.

However, imagine a life where you only a few things at your disposal. Just the right amount of clothes, just the right amount of furniture, just the right amount of appliances, just the right amount of travel, just the right amount of eating out. Do we then run the risk of harming our lives? Considering we only have the required number of things at our disposal? Or will we make more room for innovative thoughts, ideas, wonderments?

If we owned less, would we save the hassle of making space and cleaning more? Or would we keep craving for more?

Imagine we've reached the final stages of the Industrial Revolution, it is now poised to meet its natural end. What would the world be like?

What would it be like if we 'Owned less and Wondered more'?

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