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My History Kit

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

What? Why? How?

Ever since this little handy pack that lets you record your personal history was launched, we've been asked several times about 'what' is the kit about? 'why' a product like this? and 'how' should we use this?

In order to counter all those questions in one ago it was thought best to address them in a blog, so that it could reach a wider audience.

What is My History Kit?

My History Kit is a hands on creative history experience. It is a product that enables its users to record their personal history. The kit contains a journal , a map, a dice and a tangram. The  inspiration behind the kit is personal history and the necessity to record it.

The kit can be used by a diverse age group ( 8-80 yrs!) and by people belonging to varied backgrounds. It’s something that can be used by a teacher, a writer, a traveler , engineer , doctor, mother , father, child, grandparent, doodler etc etc etc.

Why My History Kit?

What is Personal History: Simply put, personal history is the life story of any individual that can be recorded at any age . It is one that includes an individuals’ experiencesmilestonesand their own familyhistory.


Why should one record it: Recording one’s personal history leads to 

a better understanding of oneself - where do we come from? what’s our family like? what have we learnt from our experiences and milestones? creates a sense of self/ an independent identity increases confidence builds character/ personality self motivation - finding inspiration in one’s own history. 

**The habit of recording one’s history/ one’s story is one that contributes to a wholesome living , thereby enhancing one’s present and paving way for a better future. 

How to use the My History kit ?

Step one: Think about a moment you wish to record in your kit ( could be an ongoing event - travel, marriage, first job, rejection , journey of a start up - or some event from the past - family history, your first day at school , your teenage years ).

Step two: Pick up the journal and begin writing about the event in detail. While stuck at writing look at the prompt words and phrases at the back of the journal. The dice acts as a writing prompt.

Step three: If you wish to draw out your journey/ history then do so on the My History Map. It’s a blank sheet of paper - draw the experience on the map or stick things related to your story like pictures, souvenirs etc on the map.

Step four: When bored go for the Tangram - it’s a traditional Chinese Puzzle that will not only relieve you of all the history making stress but also build your other skills.

Voila! your history is recorded for eternity inside a kit. Unlike a picture on the phone that you might have to delete due to memory overload or an online file that might get deleted due to a cyber bug, this tangible piece of your history will always be by your side and for you to see even as the days pass! 

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