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History Hive develops 'mindstyle'  products, that are inspired by history, and offers consultancy based research services. 

Personal history is the inspiration behind the current product- 'My History Kit'.  It is a unique stationery product that encourages you to record your personal history. Personal history includes an individual's family stories, experiences and milestones. Recording it regularly is an enriching experience and is a great source of self- motivation and inspiration. 



History Hive

History Hive is a research & product development venture that uses history as a base to develop products & offers consultancy based research services to enable/enrich projects that require a historical, anthropological,ethnographic, socio-cultural study & contextual inquiry .



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Customer Quotes

"A unique way of helping individuals connect with and record personal history. A handy little pack, which  I used  to chronicle my travel journeys so far."

Rapti B, Blogger, From the Corner Table

 "The kit made me aware of the concept of personal history and its importance. In the kit, I recorded days filled with unique incidents. I encourage people to document their personal history, its the only way to find out how far we have come and who we really are."

Shiwali Sharma, Dentist

"After using the kit, I have started to look at history differently. I never thought even I have a history which must be recorded. I recorded my experiences, dreams and aspirations in the kit. I think my personal history will be a great source of inspiration for me."

Shreya Sharma, Student


Research Services

History Hive Research 

History Hive undertakes research and documentation projects, that require a historical, anthropological, ethnographic,socio-cultural study and contextual inquiry  with social entrepreneurs, companies, educational institutions, organisations, design studios, brands, NGOs and individuals etc, dedicated to creating a positive impact on the lives of people and communities through their products, projects and services. 

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